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Earnings Scorecard: Apple Inc.

In Q4 2016, Apple earned $3.36 per share on revenue of $78.4 billion. The Street’s estimate was $3.22 per share on revenue of $77 billion. The Whisper number was $3.23/share. Apple continues to fire on all cylinders. Read More

Grexit Back On The Cards?

With nothing to stop Brexit getting the green light, the threat of the European Union losing a few more members – either willingly or unwillingly – is adding to the crisis in Europe. Read More


Now, retail investors can get a P-E buzz – without the hangover

There’s nothing like a little market volatility to remind investors about the virtues of diversifying into alternative strategies. With that in mind, the current market environment could represent an entry point to the private-equity space, which recently has become enamored with the financial advisory channel. Nadia Papagiannis, director of alternative fund research at Morningstar Inc., […]


Old-school portfolios shine as risk parity struggles

There have been a lot of naysayers about the old-fashioned 60/40 portfolio, but this year is proving that it is hard to improve on a classic. The $19.5 billion Vanguard Balanced Index Fund (VBINX) which maintains a boring 60% allocation to the total U.S. stock market and a 40% allocation to the Barclays U.S. Aggregate […]