Earnings Scorecard: Apple Inc.

In Q4 2016, Apple earned $3.36 per share on revenue of $78.4 billion. The Street’s estimate was $3.22 per share on revenue of $77 billion. The Whisper number was $3.23/share. Apple continues to fire on all cylinders. Read More

Grexit Back On The Cards?

With nothing to stop Brexit getting the green light, the threat of the European Union losing a few more members – either willingly or unwillingly – is adding to the crisis in Europe. Read More


Good luck: Wealthy single women seeking female advisers

Areas of the country where wealthy single women are most likely to seek out financial advice do not match with the states that have the greatest number of female financial advisers, according to a new analysis. That’s significant because 70% of women say they’d like to work with an adviser who is a woman. About […]


Now, retail investors can get a P-E buzz – without the hangover

There’s nothing like a little market volatility to remind investors about the virtues of diversifying into alternative strategies. With that in mind, the current market environment could represent an entry point to the private-equity space, which recently has become enamored with the financial advisory channel. Nadia Papagiannis, director of alternative fund research at Morningstar Inc., […]


Old-school portfolios shine as risk parity struggles

There have been a lot of naysayers about the old-fashioned 60/40 portfolio, but this year is proving that it is hard to improve on a classic. The $19.5 billion Vanguard Balanced Index Fund (VBINX) which maintains a boring 60% allocation to the total U.S. stock market and a 40% allocation to the Barclays U.S. Aggregate […]