Excel Management: Our Approach

Our primary corporate objective is to provide excellent financial services to individual/private clients who seek to preserve and grow capital through intelligent investing.

Our investment philosophy is tailored to meet your personal requirements whilst our strategic approach is derived from three key factors that influence your portfolio – the economic environment, your specific investment goals and your risk profile and tolerance. Our recommendations are truly aligned to our clients’ interest, because being commission based, our clients’ interests become indistinguishable from our own.

  • Our Investment Philosophy

    Our Investment Philosophy

    The 3-P’s (Philosophy, Process and People) are often used to describe the reasons why our company constantly delivers on expectations.

    • Philosophy refers to the overarching beliefs of the investment organization.
    • Process refers to the way in which the overall philosophy is implemented.
    • People refers to our staff, especially the fund managers, who all understand the philosophy and process they are supposed to implement.