We offer a comprehensive service to our Private Clients, advising on the management, purchase and sale of stocks, shares, unit trusts and other financial instruments.

The level of service you choose will be determined by how actively involved you want to be in the management of your investments and how confident you are with monitoring the balance of risk and reward yourself. Our Investment Managers, Stockbrokers and Financial Planning Consultants will be pleased to discuss your objectives because understanding your goals is our starting point before we structure portfolios to achieve the right balance between return and risk.
  • Portfolio Management

    Portfolio Management

    Building an overseas investment portfolio can be an effective way of reducing your tax liability – and it’s totally legal too. Our rigorous investment process is defined by a disciplined philosophy and a sophisticated investment process. examining asset allocation, fund selection, stock selection, currency strategy and direct stock or bond portfolios. From this comes a coherent investment policy.

    We specialize in securities (shares, bonds and other securities) focusing our international experience in meeting the needs of our clients globally. Our reputation in the overseas markets enable us to offer a highly personalized and confidential service to the most demanding of clientele. Our trading capabilities combine fast and reliable execution with excellent value and service.

    Our experienced portfolio managers use their expertise and market knowledge to make investment decisions on the clients behalf, and respond quickly to market changes when the demand arises. We run the portfolio to either optimize the returns or to minimize the risk whilst achieving your defined targets. Flexibility is important in volatile markets where change is time-critical. This service allows us to respond quickly to meet your investment objectives, whilst always ensuring we are equally pro-active with our communication to you.

    Client satisfaction is at the core of everything we do, every part of our approach is designed and refined around this simple goal.

  • Small Cap & Micro Cap Stocks

    Small Cap & Micro Cap Stocks

    Our research analysts and market intelligence specialists constantly seek out extraordinary opportunities in the Small Cap/Micro Cap stock market sectors, an area of the market that has spawned countless “home run” investments throughout stock market history. Selectivity is the key, of course, and through in-depth company and industry research, our focus is to isolate those “Special Situations” that represent extraordinary opportunity.

    These Small Cap/Micro Cap stock market opportunities come in many forms: Junior companies possessing a new discovery, such as a new cancer drug; a new and promising technology; a rich mineral deposit; or a superior business model whose day has come for realization of fruition and market recognition. Not infrequently, external forces (political, industrial, economic, and environmental) evolve to propel a formerly modest company onto centre-stage and into the stock market spotlight.

  • IPO Opportunities

    IPO Opportunities

    The cold reality of IPOs is that unless you know someone at the company, or have a great investing network with bigwigs on speed dial, you’ll have a hard time sharing in the initial splash. One avenue for inclusion is to pool your buying power with other investors through the services of an experienced brokerage firm. The Research and Corporate Finance staff at Excel Management routinely investigate the merits of numerous ‘new venture’ companies seeking growth capital and sponsorship by going public.

    Many are assessed to be too risky and speculative investments, however, occasionally identify a junior company that meets our rigid criteria of strong management, an outstanding business model and extraordinary growth prospects. In such cases, we enthusiastically undertake, or participate in, an Initial Public Offering. We usually favour selling the IPO only to selected, active trading clients. However, on occasion, we have extended the opportunity to fresh clients with whom we want to develop an active trading partnership.

  • Discretionary Service

    Discretionary Service

    Our Discretionary Service would suit you if, having agreed your objectives and risk tolerances, you would like us to manage your portfolio of investments taking responsibility for all investment decisions without referral to you before making alterations and simply contacting you with an explanation of our actions after executing the transaction. We make managing wealth straightforward and efficient, using strategies typically reserved for sophisticated institutional investors.

    Our Discretionary Portfolio Management service changes effortlessly to reflect re-alignments in your lifestyle and goals. Whatever you want to do – generate income, preserve capital, or something else – we can help. Our investment managers constantly monitor your portfolio and will make alterations as required, in line with your stated investment objectives.

    If you choose to have your investments managed you can either nominate your own Investment Manager within the company or, if you do not have an existing contact, we will allocate a suitable Investment Manager, supported by a small dedicated team, to look after you and your account.

    Your Investment Manager is available to discuss particular investment ideas that you may have, even particular shareholdings which do not necessarily fit into the agreed pattern of the portfolio, and to give suitable recommendations and, of course, when appropriate, provide you with regular reviews and valuations of your investments.

    As a discretionary client, you could benefit from utilising our safe custody service whereby stock may be registered in the name of Excel Management, with you having your own designated account.

    We do not charge a discretionary management fee.

  • Managed Advisory

    Managed Advisory

    Our active Advisory Service is designed for clients who like to be involved in their own investment decisions, do not want to manage their own portfolio, yet wish to benefit from the advice, personalized support and flow of investment ideas from an investment professional. Our restricted advice service will provide you with well-researched investment recommendations, taking into consideration your risk profile, but you remain in control and the final decision on making alterations to the portfolio remains with you.

    We will advise you of any changes that we think are appropriate, however, no transaction will be undertaken without your authority. Please note that risk and performance will be considered on the basis of the portfolio as a whole and not at an individual stock level.

    The Active Advisory service adopts a pro-active role whilst offering you personalized, tailored support ; information on global investment opportunities and direct access to global markets.

  • Non-Managed Advisory

    Non-Managed Advisory

    Our Non-Managed Advisory Service is designed for clients who wish to make their own investment decisions, monitor their own investments and manage their own portfolio but may require us to comment on the merits of a particular transaction or consider only the suitability of the investment in the light of your objectives, requirements and existing investments at the time of giving the advice..

    This arrangement differs from our managed advisory service, in that we do not provide ongoing management of your portfolio, and responsibility for its continuing suitability remains with you. This service is provided by your own Excel Management broker, supported by a small, dedicated team. The relationship and confidence you have in your broker ensures that this is not an impersonal service.

    Unlike our discretionary and advisory managed services, the arrangements for holding your securities, handling the paperwork, providing valuations, access to your portfolio, financial planning and tax guidance, our monthly newsletter and so on, are charged separately. You can choose your own menu of administration facilities, which are individually priced.

    Alternatively, your broker may feel that a regular administration charge would be more appropriate for you, covering a bundled selection of relevant administration facilities. Your Excel Management broker will be happy to discuss these arrangements and terms with you.

  • Tailored Portfolio Service

    Tailored Portfolio Service

    If your portfolio has special requirements or significant restrictions, such as investing only in socially responsible assets, our investment and risk management expertise will attempt to match your needs precisely. Our service doesn’t get any more personal.

    Whichever option you choose, our service is comprehensive. Your personal contact at Excel Management will be a dedicated and experienced investment adviser, who will be supported by reports from our in house analysts, as well as being able to access research from many of the top global investment houses.